Gluten and Yeast Free

I have been living gluten-free for a few years now and recently I found out I have an intolerance to yeast.  That definitely complicates my diet.  I stopped eating gluten-free bread, and I resigned myself to the fact that I would no longer be able to eat a simple sandwich.  The other day I ran across a sandwich bread by Chebe that I noticed had no gluten or yeast!  YEAH!!!!  I figured there was a good chance it wouldn’t taste great, but it was worth a try.  It tasted yummy and I highly recommend it.  I also had to give up pizza (which I love) and Chebe also has a yeast and gluten-free pizza crust—>just as yummy.  So I definitely recommend their products for anyone out there like me with both yeast and gluten sensitivities.


As my daughter calls them—-The Cupcake Doll

I love pinterest and I found this website thru pinterest.  This tutorial I found is at  and it is so easy to make.  The dolls come out adorable, and its a great way to use up scrap fabric.  My daughters love them and even my 4-year-old son said and I quote ” I think she is beautiful”.

Bouquet for New Mommy

I love receiving and giving flowers, but I don’t love the price tag that comes with it.  I decided to do a paper flower bouquet to bring to my sister when she has her first baby.  The total cost for seven paper flowers (in mason jar I already had) was 3 dollars.  You can’t beat the price and they will last forever.  I used the instructions from here:

I used gray and yellow( a color combo I love and so does my sister) paper.  Instead of stems I used striped gray straws I bought on amazon.

The finished product came out really cute.  I added some origami hearts to the mason jar to help hold up the straws.  I also tied some twine around the mouth of the jar.  I can’t wait to give these to my sister.

The $3.00 bouquet:

Three Little Birds….

As Singer Corrine Bailey’s lyrics say “Three little birds sat on my window and they told me I don’t need to worry….”   This craft came from the Crafts for Kids special edition from Disney Family Fun magazine.  It is suppose to be a kid’s craft, but I thought my window could use a few little birds.  So maybe  these little guys could remind me to have faith and not worry so much!

Inspiration—Subway Art

I Have a spot in the kitchen that could use something.  I love the new subway art, so I looked to see what I had on hand–some black paint, a box, and Mod Podge.  I Painted the Box black with acrylic paint(took two coats) and printed off some words and sayings I liked.  I arranged them before I decoupaged them to the box and then took them off.  I put a base layer of mod podge and then a top layer after I adhered the words.  I was a bit messy with it and the words bubbled up a bit, but I think it works!

Lovin’ Mod Podge

Our house is basically a work in progress.  It was built in 1905 and needs alot of tender loving care.  I painted the kids playroom/guest room.  The light switch plates in that room were a hideous beige and I wanted a quick fix.  Modge podge and scrapbook paper to the rescue.  Took a total of 15 minute to create a new look.  I may have to start mod podging all the hideous light switch plates we have!!

Valentine’s Day Tree

I’ve never been one to decorate much for holidays. My mom was always great about making a big deal about every holiday. I’ve decided to try to be more like that for my kids. I did a thankful tree for Thanksgiving. As a family we all wrote down things that we were thankful for, and put them up on branches I had collected from the yard. I left it up all thru Christmas. I think its something that should be up all year and added to periodically.

I decided to take off the tags (and save them of course) for a bit and decorate our branches for Valentines day.  I used little origami hearts ( I got the how to video of YouTube of course!) and attached baker’s twine w/ a glue gun.  I hung them on our branches that surprisingly are still in tact.  I used some Chianti colored paper I got from Big Lots for $5.00(pack of 24).  I only need about 3 sheets. It came out cute, and it makes for an inexpensive decoration. 

I may need to do a shamrock tree next……