Bouquet for New Mommy

I love receiving and giving flowers, but I don’t love the price tag that comes with it.  I decided to do a paper flower bouquet to bring to my sister when she has her first baby.  The total cost for seven paper flowers (in mason jar I already had) was 3 dollars.  You can’t beat the price and they will last forever.  I used the instructions from here:

I used gray and yellow( a color combo I love and so does my sister) paper.  Instead of stems I used striped gray straws I bought on amazon.

The finished product came out really cute.  I added some origami hearts to the mason jar to help hold up the straws.  I also tied some twine around the mouth of the jar.  I can’t wait to give these to my sister.

The $3.00 bouquet:


Three Little Birds….

As Singer Corrine Bailey’s lyrics say “Three little birds sat on my window and they told me I don’t need to worry….”   This craft came from the Crafts for Kids special edition from Disney Family Fun magazine.  It is suppose to be a kid’s craft, but I thought my window could use a few little birds.  So maybe  these little guys could remind me to have faith and not worry so much!

Inspiration—Subway Art

I Have a spot in the kitchen that could use something.  I love the new subway art, so I looked to see what I had on hand–some black paint, a box, and Mod Podge.  I Painted the Box black with acrylic paint(took two coats) and printed off some words and sayings I liked.  I arranged them before I decoupaged them to the box and then took them off.  I put a base layer of mod podge and then a top layer after I adhered the words.  I was a bit messy with it and the words bubbled up a bit, but I think it works!