Gluten and Yeast Free

I have been living gluten-free for a few years now and recently I found out I have an intolerance to yeast.  That definitely complicates my diet.  I stopped eating gluten-free bread, and I resigned myself to the fact that I would no longer be able to eat a simple sandwich.  The other day I ran across a sandwich bread by Chebe that I noticed had no gluten or yeast!  YEAH!!!!  I figured there was a good chance it wouldn’t taste great, but it was worth a try.  It tasted yummy and I highly recommend it.  I also had to give up pizza (which I love) and Chebe also has a yeast and gluten-free pizza crust—>just as yummy.  So I definitely recommend their products for anyone out there like me with both yeast and gluten sensitivities.


Inspiration—Subway Art

I Have a spot in the kitchen that could use something.  I love the new subway art, so I looked to see what I had on hand–some black paint, a box, and Mod Podge.  I Painted the Box black with acrylic paint(took two coats) and printed off some words and sayings I liked.  I arranged them before I decoupaged them to the box and then took them off.  I put a base layer of mod podge and then a top layer after I adhered the words.  I was a bit messy with it and the words bubbled up a bit, but I think it works!

Valentine’s Day Tree

I’ve never been one to decorate much for holidays. My mom was always great about making a big deal about every holiday. I’ve decided to try to be more like that for my kids. I did a thankful tree for Thanksgiving. As a family we all wrote down things that we were thankful for, and put them up on branches I had collected from the yard. I left it up all thru Christmas. I think its something that should be up all year and added to periodically.

I decided to take off the tags (and save them of course) for a bit and decorate our branches for Valentines day.  I used little origami hearts ( I got the how to video of YouTube of course!) and attached baker’s twine w/ a glue gun.  I hung them on our branches that surprisingly are still in tact.  I used some Chianti colored paper I got from Big Lots for $5.00(pack of 24).  I only need about 3 sheets. It came out cute, and it makes for an inexpensive decoration. 

I may need to do a shamrock tree next……

Lavender Buddies

My daughters went to a yoga birthday party, and the teacher made them rice packs with lavender oil in them.  She used good old white tube socks.  Ashley over at did a tutorial this week using kid’s leg warmers.   I made some today from a pair of argyle knee high socks.  They came out cute, and they smell wonderful.